The chief task of the North-West Meat Association is playing the role of the connecting link between competent authorities and companies who perform producing, storing, importing and processing meat and other food products, in order to provide additional veterinary and sanitary guarantees of safety of products produced in Russian Federation as well as imported from abroad.

The association has developed and now implement together with the industry ministries a harmonized mechanism of cooperation between exporters and importers of livestock products supplied to Russian market.

An international partnership – cooperation with European associations for information exchange on:

* state of play on European livestock market,
* key trends and the dynamics of European livestock and meat sector,
* statistics of livestock population, proceeding and consumption of meat in the EU and other countries,
* animal disease status, prices for raw meat materials,
* changes in trade legislation of European Union.

The association also works for training specialists in giving assessment of plants intended for export to the Russian Federation.